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I am a Mechatronics Engineering Student

This page is currently under development. The final goal of this page is to hopefully showcase some of my work, projects and just general interests. As time goes on I will add more images of my projects and work as well as hopefully some videos of working projects!

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Aspen Eyers


Welcome to my website. Please not that this information is not my most current nor is it exhaustive and if you are interested in learning more feel free to send me an email.

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I have recently been to Adelaide for the International Astronautical Congress and was amazed by all of the people and talks there. I listened to discussions on building villages on the Moon and Mars, how a crews psycological state effects their power consumption, using medium ISP Hall Effect thrusters for attitude adjustment on small spacecraft, 'sailing' the sky with light sails 'ft. Bill Nye'. And so much more. It was a great experience and has really encouraged me to look into how I can help develop space technology and research or how I can use it as a tool.



Note these are not all my work and some are randomly sourced from google. Only the solidworks designs are my own, (credit to Maya for her drawrings of the panda earphone holder as well as Chris and Hugh for their work on the ULV).
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University Of Sydney

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Sydney, AUS
Phone: 0403 984 757

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